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Sometime in the late 1990s two old school friends ended up reuniting, mainly thanks to Frampton Fraser Artiste Management, who would go on to become the manager and fixer of a soon to be formed group punk n’ roll vagabonds. After a jamming session at a rehearsal room on a crusty industrial estate somewhere in South London and a few pints at a forgotten public house in the same vicinity Andrew and The CoUNT decided there was more music to be made and The Ugly Scenes were born.

Rehearsals were soon booked with Andy the drummer and his extensive collection of chimes and shortly after the hastily written Commuter, Rough Old Bird and 5 in 77 were born. Things progressed but not with Andy and in came Alex Wonk to sit on the stool and offer advice and mushroom toasties. The songs kept coming as did the electric shocks from the equipment at Scream and Andrew and The CoUNT parted company with the drummer and central Croydon. Adios amigos!

Into deepest darkest Deptford with no singer and no drummer but after a conversation on a bus Joe was on board for vocal duties – No we won’t change the band name to Joe Sullivan and the Ugly Scenes! The songs kept coming. 35 in 2007 – Oh Dog! Still no drummer but then the gods dropped a girl with a floppy hat from the sky and she landed on the drum stool. This sweet, innocent young thing with a penchant for Strongbow and cigarettes was Ruthski – the line-up was complete and the business of playing punk could commence.

Live appearances followed including the legendary Fiends Re-Ignited festival. Peaks and troughs and Ev the Ledge –“Why is it always me who ends up getting covered in shit?” We don’t know Ev but don’t go changing! We’ve made a couple of CDs the second of which was engineered and mastered by Smooth Dave at Ascape Studios. We’ve upset nearly everyone but especially Scaffolders, fold up bike wankers and commuters – same seat every day? Fuck off!

The songs kept coming and so did a couple of break ups, get-togethers, break ups and get-togethers. People came and went but the original four endured and are delighted to be part of the The Dirty South Project. Massive thanks go to Polly and every other band we’ve played with and listened to.

All the best

The Ugly Scenes

P.S - tell ya mum we want our money back.

Band Members

  1. Andy Bio:
    Guitar & Vocals

    Guitar and stuff

  2. Robin Bio:
    Bass & vocals

    The CoUNT | Obsessed with the bottom end

  3. Ruth Bio:

    Tub thumper